A glimpse of Clicks & Co.

We believe in “love at first sight”. That is why we strive to create a wonderful first impression every time a customer visit a website. User-friendly interfaces and well-thought visual aesthetics will convey better messages, which will eventually convert customer clicks into successful brand building.


What we offer

Clicks & Co. is capable of building various types of websites, including:

  • Professional company profiles
  • Trustworthy corporate websites
  • User-friendly online shops/e-commerce
  • Credible personal portfolio
  • Thematic blogs for aspiring writers
  • and many more!

Unlike many other agencies that offer web design, development, and hosting services separately, Clicks & Co. is your one stop solution in making your dream website come true. We offer the whole process in one package, so that you do not have to waste your precious time for collaborating with multiple parties.

Interface Design

Without any doubt, visually appealing websites get more attention from potential customers. Instead of generic templates, Clicks & Co. offer custom-made design to align with the image of your brand.

Programming and Development

Pretty looks without proper functionality do no good. That is why Clicks & Co. struggles to make our websites function properly and convenient to be viewed from any device.

Domain and Hosting

Domain is the address of your website (www.example.com), while hosting is the place where your website data is stored. Our service includes domain registration and hosting space with competitive prices.


Some of our recent works

We have handled numerous projects since 2009, with clients from various business activities and needs. Here are a glimpse of our most recent projects.


Our flow of work

Clicks & Co. is dedicated to make your website creation experience as smooth as possible. Therefore, we design a streamlined work process with your convenience in mind.

Project brief

Firstly, we learn about the client’s business: their business activities, the image they are trying to portray, their unique selling points, and other details. Then, the client lists down the requirements of their website, such as primary content, features, design references, and other requirements.


After we have understood the website requirements, we calculate the suitable price according to the features, content and budget. We are always open for negotiation so that the project will be beneficial for both parties in every aspect.

Layout design

Before touching the computer, we start from market researches and rough sketches in order to develop a unique concept. Then, we develop a digital layout of the website to be approved by the client. Ideas and revisions are always welcomed in order to fine tune the visual appeal of the website.

Programming and development

In this step, we convert the previously approved static design into fully interactive web pages. Experts say that “form follows function”, thus visual aesthetics must be balanced with perfect functionality in order to maximize visitors’ web browsing experience.

Debugging and testing

Next, we test the overall functionality of the website from various web browsers, platforms and gadgets. The client has the privilege to test the website before being launched. Then, we fix all the loopholes or bugs that might occur, so that the website is ready for punlic viewing.

Completion and training

As soon as the client approves, the website is then launched and ready to be accessed. If the client opts for updates to be done by their own, we will provide user manuals, as well as training programs to teach the client on how to modify the content of their website.


Create your dream website with Clicks & Co.!

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