Who is Clicks & Co.?

Clicks & Co. is a web designer and developer service offered by Nathan Putera, S.Sn., MM. He has been handling numerous website projects from several clients with various business scales and activities since 2009. A thorough understanding and enormous passion in creative marketing – plus multiple awards in web & graphic design – set us apart and guarantee a solution to your visual needs.


Our unique value proposition

We understand that the demand for digital marketing is dynamically changing from time to time. Therefore, we offer solutions that continuously adjust to the profile of our customers: the pains that they are experiencing, as well as the gains that they are expecting. In crafting our digital solutions, we hold on to these three basic principles to guarantee the successful output of our creations, as well as the ultimate satisfaction of our well-appreciated customers.

Strong Concepts

Without a concept, a website would definitely fail in conveying the intended messages. That is why concept research and development become integral parts in our projects. We tried our best to understand the needs of our clients thoroughly, so that we can deliver those points to the audience in the most efficient manner.

Hand Crafted Designs

Many agencies out there offer “cheap” websites with predefined templates and instant designs. However, to get the attention of targeted audiences, a website should have a visually appealing design that is unique to the identity of the company. We do our best to make our creations stand out from the rest, by meticulously designing unique layouts that suit the whole concept.


In building websites, our mission is to successfully communicate the messages or purposes as intended by the client. This can be achieved by well-organized designs, user-friendly interface and features that work properly. We do not want our creations to become a regular speck of dust among billions of websites on the Internet. We want them to be success generators, that are able to convert clicks into positive outputs.


About the man behind the wheel

Nathan Putera, S.Sn., MM (born 21 July 1992), is a Tangerang based web & graphic designer.. He has been creating visual stuffs since his middle school years. Few years later, he was introduced to web design and quickly fell in love with it. To test his skills to the most, he entered local, national and international web design competitions and conquered most of them. After getting his Art degree in 2014, he spent several years as a graphic designer & marketing staff in a national paint manufacturer. Together with his best buddies, Aditiawan Indrawanto and Jose Jong, they run a web design & hosting company , which has been handling numerous website projects from various business sectors since 2009. He has recently got his Master of Management degree to show the crowd that visual aesthetics plus strategic business management are the formula to build an outstanding brand.




BINUS Business School: Business Management (Magister Manajemen/MM)


Universitas Mulitmedia Nusantara: Visual Communication Design (Sarjana Seni/S.Sn.)


BINUS International School Serpong: Cambridge GCE “A” Levels



November 2016

PPM Regional Business Case Competition – 2nd place

February 2011

KOMPAS MUDA Web Design Competition – 1st place

October 2009

SMAK 7 FORTELLATION Web Design Competition – 2nd place

June 2009

Oracle Thinkquest Competition, Web Design Category – Participant

February 2009

IPEKA ICC Web Design Competition – 1st place

February 2009

Glossy SDH Web Design Competition – 1st place